Dramatic zoom for iPhone

What is the thriller effect?

Now you can:

The dramatic zoom effect can be seen in indian melodrams and in hollywood blockbusters.

Do you remember it? When camera quickly zooms the main character's eyes in the most spine-chilling moment.

Now you can try to apply this effect to your photos: directly from your iPhone's photo library.

Pick a photo
Easy access to your photo library and albums.

Create a masterpiece
Set up a focus point, select zoom amount and pick a crazy frame (get more for $0.99)!

Publish your #focality
Post it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter rapidly. Or just save it for later.



What's inside?

Main menu
Choose a picture from your photo library or take a new shot with your camera.

Your recent photos are also displayed here, it's useful. Just tap one of them to select.

Focus it right
Choose focus point and zooming amount to get the most dramatic view.

Help your followers understand your photo's idea at once by zooming the right place for them to pay an attention.

Get an awesome frame
Square, hipster and rounded shapes each of 3 colors are available in free version.

Get more awesome frames and textures via in-app purchase.

Stay social
Almost one-click publishing. User-friendly interface saves your time.

Social networks' users love the dramatic zoom effect. Just trust me or make sure yourself using #focality hashtag.

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Special thanks:
To all my sponsors on Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter.ru